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Holiday Gifts for Reptiles

December 15, 2020

Happy Holidays! Have you finished your shopping yet? If you have a dog or cat, it will be quite easy to find them great gifts. Reptiles? Not so much. We can help! A Middletown, DE vet lists some great options below.

Bigger Terrarium

Your pet will spend the vast majority of their time in their tank or terrarium. If your scaled pal’s home is looking kind of cramped, consider upgrading it. A beautifully done reptile enclosure can make a stunning decoration! 


Your reptile may also appreciate some new furniture. A new pool is a wonderful option for amphibians and reptiles that like to swim or soak. Other options include new hide boxes, climbing rocks, plants, or terrarium backings. 


We know, you probably wouldn’t want to put live bugs or frozen mice in a stocking, unless you actually want your in-laws to run out the door screaming. That said, your pet dinosaur will definitely appreciate something special! Ask your vet for recommendations. 

Doctor’s Visit

Speaking of vets, proper veterinary care is just as important for reptiles as it is for other pets. If your pet hasn’t seen his doctor in a while, make an appointment and tell them it was from Santa! 


Whether you’re a first-time reptile owner or a lifelong fan, it’s important to learn everything you can about your animal companion. Get yourself a few books about your pet, or subscribe to a reptile lovers’ magazine. Knowledge really is crucial to caring for these unique and beautiful creatures!

Better Equipment

In the wild, reptiles regulate their temperatures by moving from warm to cool areas. A properly set up tank or terrarium will mimic natural conditions by providing different temperature zones. That means your pet’s health, comfort, safety, and emotional well-being are all very closely related to their environmental conditions. If you’re using old or sub-par equipment, or haven’t changed your pet’s light bulbs in a while, this is a great time to do it! 

A Forever Home

While reptiles don’t have as many fans as dogs and cats, they are gaining in popularity. There are also some great benefits to having a scaled or shelled pet. Consider giving a cute snake, lizard, or turtle a forever home. Just think it over carefully first. Adoption is forever! 

Happy Holidays from Galena Animal Medical Clinic, your Middletown, DE animal clinic. Please contact us anytime! 

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