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Homemade Rabbit Toys

September 15, 2021

Do you have a bunny? If so, put a little pawprint on your calendar for September 25th: it’s International Rabbit Day! While you don’t need much of an excuse to pamper your adorable pet, this is a great time to give Floppy some extra TLC, and perhaps score some binkies. Of course, you don’t have to break the bank here. Here, a Middletown, DE veterinarian lists some great toys you can make your bunny.

Toilet Paper Tubes

The tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls are quite versatile. You can stack them into little pyramids, or arrange them in a tissue box or shoe box. You can also fold them into envelopes, or slice them into rings and then make small balls out of them. These can also be stuffed with goodies, like fresh herbs.

Shredded Paper

Paper is safe for bunnies to eat. There are many things you can do with it. Fold some plain copy paper into little origami shapes. Or, crumple them up into balls around yummy tidbits. You can also have the kids make snowflake chains.

Hanging Lunch

This one is pretty simple. Get a piece of twine, and string it between two chairs. Then, use wooden clothespins to hang some leafy greens from it. Floppy will get a snack that keeps her occupied!

Dig Boxes

Rabbits love to dig and root through things. Get a shallow storage tote or shoebox, and add a few toys or treats. Then, fill it with shredded paper. You can also add some grass hay. If you have a spot where Floppy can make a bit of a mess, like a patio, you can even use dirt.

Box Castle

Rabbits love to nibble on cardboard. Why not make your pet her own little box castle? You can add as many rooms or stories as you like. Just make sure there aren’t any staples or pieces of tape attached. If you’re going multi-level, you’ll also want to make sure that Floppy’s castle is sturdy enough to support her.


These are just a few options. You’ll find many more online. Just be sure to put safety first. Never give your furry pal anything small or sharp, or anything with ropes or cords. Anything decorated in glitter, paint, varnish, or dye is also unsafe.

As your Middletown, DE animal clinic, we are ‘hoppy’ to help! Call us anytime!

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