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Ways To Celebrate Catober With Fluffy

October 1, 2023

Did you adopt your kitty from a shelter? If so, you may want to make a note to pamper Fluffy a bit on the 9th: it’s Catober, the official shelter kitty birthday. This aligns with Dogust, which is when shelter dogs celebrate their big days. We don’t need much of a reason to pamper our feline companions, but we’re pretty sure your furball won’t mind a little extra attention. A local Middletown, DE vet lists some cute ways to get that motor going in this article.


Giving Fluffy catnip is often just as fun for you as it is for her. There are some pretty cute new ways to offer your furry pal her favorite plant. Catnip bubbles may be the most adorable one.

Kitty Furniture

Cats are opportunistic nappers, and they have no problem making themselves comfortable on, well, anything. However, Fluffy will appreciate having things that are just her size. A cat tower is a purrfect option, but your sleepy little buddy won’t mind an extra bed or two, either.

Photo Session

Fluffy is almost ridiculously cute. Take a few minutes to snap some charming pics of your feline companion. Try using different editing apps. You may love that candid shot as a watercolor!


Did you know that playing is important for Fluffy both mentally and physically? Pouncing on catnip mice is not only entertaining for your pet, it also keeps her in great shape. It’s also good for her mind, and can help fight cognitive decay. Get into the habit of playing with your kitty every day.


Fortunately for us, our feline overlords don’t always have expensive tastes. A simple cardboard box or paper bag will definitely score you some purrs!


Kitties are very emotional, and get extremely attached to their humans. At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for your furry little friend is make sure that she feels loved and safe.


Catober is really about celebrating shelter cats, so this is also a great chance to turn some goodwill their way. There are many ways to help them. You can consider volunteering, monetary donations, fostering, and dropping off goods or supplies. Even just sharing posts on social media about adoptable cats can make a difference.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your furry friend’s health or care. As your Middletown, DE pet clinic, we’re here to help!

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Ways To Celebrate Catober With Fluffy

Did you adopt your kitty from a shelter? If so, you may want to make

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