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Adopting a Rescue Cat: The Purrfect Way To Find Fluffy

March 15, 2024

Are you considering adopting a kitty? Getting a rescue cat may be a purrfect option. Many of our feline patients were rescued. While these adorable furballs may have suffered adversity and hardship in the past, many are now living that luxurious pet lifestyle, sleeping, exploring any boxes their humans bring home, and enjoying feline comforts such as toys and catnip. Giving a rescued furball a second chance at happiness is a great way to find a new pet. It can also be  very rewarding! This article highlights a local veterinarian talking about rescued kitties.

What Are Some Statistics On Rescued Cats?

The statistics for rescued pets are pretty sad. Nobody knows exactly how many homeless cats there are in the United States, but estimates range between 60 million and 100 million. sadly, those numbers seem to be rising.

Every year, many of those cats wind up in shelters. However, this does not always mean a happy ending for them. Of the nearly 3.4 million cats brought to shelters each year, approximately 1.3 million are adopted. Unfortunately, approximately 1.4 million are euthanized.

Do rescued kitties Have Problems?

There is no single, universal answer to this topic. Our feline buddies are all unique! Some rescued cats may enter their new homes calmly, immediately curl up on the sofa, and act as if they’ve always lived there. Others? Not so much. Fluffy may need time to settle in.

Bear in mind that many kitties struggle with big life transitions. Be patient and give your new buddy some  time to adjust. Time, love, and patience may work wonders for a scared little furball!

Why Are Rescue Kittens So Loving?

Many folks believe that their rescued cats are more caring and affectionate than the average cat. While we don’t have actual evidence on the subject, this does make sense. Cats have pretty good memories, and they know when someone has helped them. Fluffy is known to adore her saviors, and often expresses her gratitude through snuggles, meows, and purring. (She may also thank you by following you into the bathroom and leaving dead mice on your doorstep, but that’s just purr for the course.) 

What’s the First Thing You Should Do When Adopting a Cat?

The very first thing to do is get in touch with your veterinarian. Your feline companion will require a thorough nose-to-tail examination. You’ll also need to catch Fluffy up on any vaccinations or parasite control meds she needs. If your pet hasn’t yet been spayed or neutered, that should be booked as well. Don’t forget about the microchip. You’ll want to have your furry pal checked, in case she’s someone’s missing pet. If she doesn’t have one, and you want to adopt her, then you’ll want to get her chipped ASAP.

Aside from booking that appointment, a trip to the pet store is definitely necessary. Your feline overlord will need toys, bowls, a litterbox, litter, a scratching post, a carrier, and at least one nice bed. (We’d also recommend getting Fluffy a cat tower, though this doesn’t have to happen immediately.)

What Do I Do If I Find a Cat in Need of Help?

If you stumble across a wounded or sick cat, we suggest that you take Fluffy to your veterinarian right away. This might entail visiting an emergency clinic. However, if it is after hours and/or the kitty does not appear to need immediate emergency care, you could bring her home first. Set up your feline buddy in a quiet, comfy area with bedding, food, water, and a litterbox, and bring her in the next day. If you do take the furball home, keep her away from other pets and children until your Galena, MD veterinarian gives you the go-ahead.

What Is The Cat Distribution System?

The Universal Cat Distribution System is occasionally used to connect cats and their officially-assigned owners. This is why cats sometimes just show up in people’s lives out of the blue. For instance, Fluffy might just turn up on someone’s doorstep, at their place of employment, or even on the side of the road, win them over, and get herself adopted. 

If a kitty appears unexpectedly in your life, it may be your cat!  

Of course, this isn’t a mandate. If you find a cat out on her own, you do not have to keep her. However, you can still help Fluffy out.

How Do You Build An Emotional Bond With A Rescued Cat?

Rule number one?  Never push attention on Fluffy. Before they can form attachments to humans, our feline friends must feel safe. This could take two minutes, two months, or two years; with cats, you never know.

Here are a few tips:

  • Chat with your rescued kitty. Use a friendly tone!
  • Play with Fluffy. Holding a laser pointer or wand toy is a great way to get that little engine running.
  • If your kitty companion enjoys being petted, by all means indulge her.
  • Hold out your hand to Fluffy. If she approaches, let her smell your hand before softly caressing her ears or forehead.
  • Snacks can be very helpful here. Just stick with safe options. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations.
  • Provide Fluffy with kitty comfort items, such as beds, boxes, cat towers, scratching posts, treats, and catnip.
  • Give her private space. If your cat seems afraid, provide her with lots of comfy hiding spots. Kitty condos are great, but Fluffy can be just as happy with a box or a paper shopping bag with the handles cut off.

Contact your Galena, MD veterinarian for more information. 

What Are Some Tips for Adopting a Rescued Cat?

Adopting any type of animal is a lifelong commitment.  There are various considerations to consider before adopting a rescued cat.

  • Give Fluffy a quiet space to settle in. This is especially important if you have other pets. Keep your furry friends separated until your veterinarian gives you the thumbs-up.
  • Petproofing is also important. Kittens are very playful! Unfortunately, that adorable frisky streak can backfire. You’ll have to deal with any potential hazards. The list includes small/sharp things, ropes and strings, wires and cords, plastic bags and ties, hazardous plants, chemicals, and medicine. Ask your veterinarian for further information.
  • You may also want to think about getting two rescues, especially if you don’t already have pets. If you adopt both at the same time, neither will feel as though your home is already theirs. Many cats benefit from companionship. Fluffy and Mittens will be able to share many items, such as toys and furniture, so you won’t have to double your spending.
  • Consider the rest of your household. This includes other pets, children, and any roommates you may have, as well as your schedule and finances. Make sure you’re ready, willing, and able to look after Fluffy for the rest of her natural life.
  • Do your research. This is especially important if you’ve never had a cat before? Do some reading to discover more about these adorable, eccentric balls of fur. Your vet is also a great source of information and advice.
  • Open your heart: Don’t be surprised if your heart melts the first time Fluffy cuddles up to you or begins purring after you pet her. Rescuing a kitten can be an enjoyable experience. It’s also a wonderful approach to locate your feline partner!

Schedule An Appointment With Your Galena, MD Animal Hospital

Are you considering adopting a rescued cat? Do you have any questions regarding your cat’s health or care? Contact us at your Galena, MD pet hospital now! We are always willing to help.

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Adopting a Rescue Cat: The Purrfect Way To Find Fluffy

Are you considering adopting a kitty? Getting a rescue cat may be a purrfect option.
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