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Adopting a Rescued Bird

January 15, 2021

January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month! If you’ve been thinking about getting a new pet, why not consider getting a feathered friend? There are many sweet birds in need of loving forever homes. A Galena, MD vet discusses adopting a rescued bird below.

Things To Consider

Adopting a pet is a huge decision. There are lots of things to consider. Birds aren’t terribly expensive, but you will need to provide a great cage, food, perches, toys, and regular veterinary care. Also, make sure you are committed to caring for Polly for the rest of her life. Some of our winged pals have pretty long lifespans, so that could be up to 50 years!

Choosing A Bird Type

Different types of birds have different personalities and care needs, do some research and figure out what kind of bird you would like. For example, some, like finches, are fairly quiet and timid. Others, such as Macaws, are extremely smart, charismatic, and can be a bit loud.

Finding Polly

If all lights are green, the next step is to find your bird. Many shelters and rescues have feathered wards in their care. You may want to ask about your potential pet’s history. A bird with behavioral or medical issues may not be a good choice for a first-time bird owner. Take some time, and make sure your new buddy is a good fit for your household. You’ll also need to find a great avian veterinarian.

Settling In

Before bringing Polly home, have everything that she will need ready and waiting for her. A great cage is a must! Choosing the right place is also important. A corner of a living room or family room is a good spot. Give your winged buddy a few days to adjust to her new surroundings before you try to handle her.

Let Love Grow

Birds are quite emotional, and can get very attached to their owners. If Polly was very close to her previous human, she may be depressed about being separated from them. A bird that had a harder time may be frightened. Be patient, and don’t force attention on your pet. Focus on offering great TLC, and keeping your new buddy comfortable and happy. It’s a beautiful thing to see rescued pets thriving with good care!

Please contact us, your Galena, MD veterinary clinic, any time. We’re here to help!

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