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Bunny Sitters

November 15, 2022

Are you planning to go away for the holidays? Fido often travels with his humans. Fluffy may do just fine by herself, as long as someone checks on her frequently. However, neither of these is really a good option for Floppy. Read on as a Middletown, DE vet goes over some bunnysitting options, and offers a few tips on leaving your furry pal with others.


Boarding is definitely your best bet. Floppy will be safe and sound and under professional supervision. That care is especially important if your bunny is very young or old, or has any medical issues. Of course, not every kennel takes rabbits. Ask your vet for recommendations.

In-House Sitters

Are you having someone come over? It’s definitely best to get someone who is experienced with rabbits. Many signs of bunny illness can be difficult for an untrained eye to spot. Of course, sometimes a close friend or family member is just the best option. If your bunnysitter is new to bunny care, provide some basic bunny care information, such as lists of safe and unsafe foods and signs of sickness to watch for. Leave a number for your vet, as well as your own itinerary.

Overnight Stays

Another option is to ask a friend or family member to keep Floppy at their place. The pro here would be that your furry friend would spend less alone time. On the down side, extensive bunnyproofing may be a big thing to ask of someone. You’ll also need to consider the environment. Rabbits get scared very easily, and can actually die of fright. A busy or crowded household may be overwhelming for Floppy. A quiet home is best.

Getting Ready

Have as many of Floppy’s necessities prepared in advance as you can. That includes things like food, chew toys, treats, bedding, and, of course, plenty of hay. Set out (or pack) extra, just in case you’re delayed.

Safe Area

Petproofing is absolutely a must with bunnies. One option is bunnyproofing one specific room, and keeping Floppy confined to that space. This can help prevent mishaps.

Getting Ready

Before heading out of town, bring Floppy to the vet for a thorough exam. You’ll want to make sure that your little buddy is healthy enough to be left in another’s care while you’re away.

Our Advice on Bunny Sitters in 2024

What are the considerations for bunny-sitting when planning a holiday trip?

Consider several key factors when planning a holiday trip and arranging bunny-sitting for your rabbit. First, choose a care option where your bunny will be safe and well-supervised, such as a professional boarding facility or a knowledgeable in-house sitter. Ensure the sitter is familiar with rabbit behavior and health signs, providing them with care instructions, emergency contacts, and your itinerary. If opting to stay at someone else’s place, evaluate the environment for calmness and safety, as rabbits can be easily stressed. Prepare all necessary supplies like food, bedding, and toys in advance, and consider a vet check-up to ensure your rabbit is healthy before you leave.

Why is boarding a recommended option for rabbit care during your absence?

Boarding is recommended for rabbit care during your absence due to the professional supervision and specialized care it offers. Boarding facilities are equipped to provide a safe, controlled environment tailored to a rabbit’s needs, including appropriate housing, diet, and exercise space. Professional staff are trained to recognize and respond to health issues, ensuring timely veterinary care if needed. Additionally, boarding reduces the stress on your rabbit from environmental changes. It provides consistent care routines, which is especially crucial for rabbits that are very young, elderly, or have medical conditions.

Why is it important to consider the environment when choosing a place for your rabbit to stay?

Considering the environment when choosing a place for your rabbit to stay is crucial due to their sensitivity to stress and need for a calm setting. Rabbits can become easily frightened in noisy, busy, or unfamiliar surroundings, potentially leading to health issues like digestive upset or even heart problems. A calm, quiet environment mimics their natural preference for stability and safety. It’s also essential to ensure the space is rabbit-proofed to prevent injuries or escape. A suitable environment helps maintain your rabbit’s physical and emotional well-being, ensuring they remain comfortable and stress-free in your absence.

How should you prepare your rabbit’s necessities for bunny sitting?

Preparing your rabbit’s necessities for bunny sitting involves ensuring all essential items are readily available. To maintain their diet, provide ample food, including their regular pellets and fresh hay. Include fresh vegetables and treats, adhering to their usual feeding routine. Ensure there’s enough bedding material for your absence, plus extra in case of any delays. Pack familiar toys and chew items to keep your rabbit entertained and comfortable. Also, leave clear instructions regarding feeding schedules, habits, and special care needs. Remember to provide contact information for your vet in case of emergencies.

What petproofing measures are necessary for keeping a bunny safe in someone else’s care?

When keeping a bunny in someone else’s care, petproofing measures are essential for safety. Ensure the area is free from small objects that could be ingested or chewed, posing choking hazards. Electrical cords should be concealed or protected, as bunnies are prone to chewing wires. Remove toxic plants and ensure no harmful chemicals are within reach. Securely block any small spaces where the bunny could get stuck or hide. A safe, enclosed space or pen ensures the bunny can move around without accessing unsafe areas.

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