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Choosing A Pet Rabbit

April 15, 2023

April has definitely gone to the bunnies. This is the most popular time of year to adopt rabbits. (There are concerns with this, because many end up being rehomed, but we’ll save that for another blog.) Bunnies may be universally adorable, but they are all unique individuals. If you’ve decided to ‘hop’ into the ranks of bunny owners, you definitely have our support. However, you’ll need to do a little research and a lot of thinking before adopting your furry buddy. A local Middletown, DE vet offers some advice on choosing Floppy below. 


The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes more than 49 breeds of rabbits, with each somehow cuter than the last. While these charming balls of fur do all have some common traits, breed does play a role in their behavior and temperaments, as well as their care needs. For instance, the Holland lop is usually very friendly, while the Californian may be shy at first.


All baby animals are cute, but bunnies are particularly adorable. There is something to be said for raising Floppy yourself, as she will grow into your home. However, there are also many sweet older rabbits out there that need homes. A good thing about getting an older bunny is that they tend to be much calmer. Plus, adopting a senior pet is just a kind thing to do, and can be very rewarding.


Rabbits are quite clean, and usually are pretty good about grooming themselves. However, they do need regular brushing. Long-haired rabbits definitely need some extra attention. Angoras, for instance, are super-fluffy, and need to be brushed almost daily. 


Bunnies can form very close bonds with one another. It’s not uncommon to find a bonded pair up for adoption together. You may want to consider getting two, particularly if you don’t have any other pets. They can play and snuggle together. 


If you’re an experienced bunny owner and feel up to helping a sick or injured bunny, you’ll be doing something truly benevolant. However, it’s usually best to choose a healthy one. (This goes double if you have any other pets.) Look for one that is active and curious. Floppy should breathe quietly, and her eyes should be clear and bright. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us, your Middletown, DE animal clinic, today! 

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