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COVID-19 Update

We know the care, safety, and well-being of your pet is just as important now during this temporary but exceptional period as ever, and we plan to be here for you and your pet.

That said, Galena Animal Medical Clinic is operating curbside concierge service – utilizing your vehicles as our waiting room. This solution will allow us to maintain social distancing in order to protect our clients and staff from exposure to COVID-19. When you arrive for your appointment or to pick up medications and food, we ask that you call us from your vehicle to notify us of your arrival.

For appointments:
Call us from your car upon arriving, at which time we will get your car’s color, make, and model, obtain/update your pet’s history and note your chief objectives/concerns for your pet’s visit. Then, we’ll come out to your car to get your pet for his or her appointment. After the initial exam is concluded, we will call your cell phone to relay our findings and to provide recommendations for treatment. Once obtaining your authorization for treatment, we will administer treatment(s) and return your pet (with home care instructions and prescriptions as necessary) to your car. You will be able to pay via credit card over the phone.

For medication refills and food:
Please contact us in advance and we will prepare your order and call to let you know when it is ready for pick up. Again, food and prescriptions can be paid for via credit card over the phone, and we will deliver your order to your vehicle. We would appreciate the ability to schedule a pick up time or window so that we can be as responsive as possible. Our recommendation is that you have a 30-day supply of food and medications on hand so as not to interrupt your pet’s treatment.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to comply with Federal/State and CDC recommendations to protect all of our clients and staff from possible exposure to COVID-19, while providing the very best care for our beloved patients. We invite you to contact us at (410) 648-6970 if you have any questions or concerns.

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