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Dog Party Day

June 15, 2021

Dog Party Day is June 21st! This is a great time to host a pet-friendly gathering.Things are opening up and people are able to safely reunite with friends and family. Fido will also benefit from being able to run and play with his friends. Here, a Galena, MD vet discusses hosting a perfect puppy party.

Guest List

The success of your event will very much hinge on how well your guests get along. That can sometimes get complicated with people, but it’s much easier to sort out with dogs. Only invite pups that are friendly and well-trained. Fido’s pals should also be fixed and current on their vaccinations and parasite control.


You’ll need to set out lots of goodies. For your human guests, a potluck/barbeque is the way to go. For the pups, you can offer store-bought treats. You can also make your own. Just be sure to stick with things that are safe for Fido. Don’t let your furry visitors have anything that contains grapes, currants, or raisins; meat on the bone; avocadoes; chocolate; caffeine; garlic or onions; xylitol; or a lot of salt, sugar, or fat.


No puppy party is complete without lots of fun toys! Our canine buddies all have their own opinions on playthings. Set out a variety, and see what gets the most tail wags. Just make sure you have plenty to go around. You don’t want Rover and Spot fighting over the tennis ball!

Water Fun

Man’s Best Friend can get hot pretty quickly running around in hot weather. Set out plenty of water stations, and refill them regularly. Why not set out a sprinkler for your furry friends? You can also get a kiddie pool for Fido and his buddies to splash around in.


Always put Fido’s safety first. Make sure that your fencing is secure. We recommend getting a self-latching gate. If yours shuts manually, you’ll need to keep a close eye on it. You don’t want your four-legged guests running off after squirrels! Some puppyproofing is also in order. Remove or secure anything that could be dangerous, such as toxic plants, wires and cords, and small or sharp items. If you have a pool, keep it gated off when it isn’t in use.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Galena, MD veterinary clinic, we’re here to help!

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