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Keeping Your Chinchilla Cool

June 15, 2022

At this time of year, the focus in the veterinary world often shifts to offering advice on keeping pets cool. This is absolutely crucial for chinchillas. These charming furballs really don’t tolerate heat very well. In fact, they can develop heat stress, which is potentially fatal, any time the temp is over 80F! A Middletown, DE vet offers some advice on keeping your chinny cool in this article.


Cool, clean water will go a long way towards helping your little buddy beat the heat. You may want to provide extra water bottles. On really hot days, keep a bottle of water in the freezer at all times. Your fuzzy friend will always have cool water as the ice melts. Once the water in that extra bottle is at room temperature, swap it out for a frozen one.

Cool Digs

There are a few things you can do to help keep your cute pet’s cage cooler. One option is to give your furry roommate something cold to lay on. This can be an ice pack, a frozen bag of peas, or even a bag of water. You can also freeze a ceramic tile. Just put a cloth or towel over it before offering it to your pet.

Climate Control

Because chinchillas are so sensitive to heat, they should always be kept in rooms that have climate control or fans. Just don’t point a fan directly at your pint-sized pal. You can also put a bucket of ice under the cage.


Heat and humidity can be a pretty dangerous combination for these adorable balls of fur! Consider investing in a good dehumidifier.

Cool Bath

Chinchillas clean themselves using dust baths, which will soak up oil and dirt on their soft fur. Keeping your chinchilla’s dust in the fridge can make these beauty sessions a little more refreshing for him.

Insulated Hides

Like other small animals, chinchillas need hides to retreat to. Choose ones that are made of wood or even ceramic. These will stay cooler than plastic. If your tiny buddy has cloth tents, hammocks, or beds, try freezing these.

Cold Treats

Just like us, chinchillas often enjoy a cool treat on a hot day. Keep your miniature furball’s snacks in the fridge. Ask your vet for specific advice.
Do you have questions about caring for a chinchilla? Contact us, your Middletown, DE animal clinic, today!

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