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Summer Bird Care Tips

July 15, 2022

Are you enjoying your summer? We hope so! Birds need a little extra care at this time of year, just as other pets do. A local Middletown, DE vet discusses keeping your feathered buddy safe in the summertime below.

Be Careful With Fans

Fans are often listed as one of the top hazards for pet birds, and with good reason. A run-in with a ceiling fan could prove fatal to Polly! Turn fans off before letting your pet out. If you have fans on your floor or furniture, make sure they aren’t pointing directly at her cage.


Many people like leaving windows open in the summer. Make sure that your screens are secure, and that they don’t have any rips. Birds sometimes will work at small tears, which can be dangerous.

Open Doors

If you’re grilling, relaxing poolside, or doing stuff outdoors, you may be going in and out a lot. You may also leave your door open to load the car or let guests in and out. Keep Polly in her cage whenever your door is open.

Taking Polly Out

Birds enjoy fresh air and sunshine as much as we do. However, letting your pet outside freely can end in heartbreak if your little buddy escapes. Don’t let birds that can fly outdoors on their own. You can make Polly a backyard aviary, or perhaps roll her cage outside, as long as she always has shade and cool water available.


We love those backyard barbecues as much as everyone else. However, if the smoke is coming into your home, then your little buddy could get sick. Gas grills are particularly dangerous. Keep windows and doors closed.


One way to cool Polly off on hot days is to lightly mist her. Get an automated mister, and hold it in front of her, so she can move in and out of the spray.

Wash Hands

Always wash your hand before touching Polly, especially if you have handled food, lighter fluid, oils, or even sunscreen.


Make sure Polly always has cool, clean water. You may want to give her an additional water bowl. Your winged buddy may also appreciate a birdbath!


Everything spoils faster in the heat. Keep Polly’s cage clean, and remove uneaten food and waste daily.

As your Middletown, DE animal clinic, we are always happy to help. Contact us anytime!

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