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Things To Consider Before Adopting An Iguana

September 1, 2023

September 8th is Iguana Awareness Day. Iguanas are fascinating, but they are definitely not a pet you’d want to adopt on a whim. Here, a Middletown, DE vet lists a few things that potential adopters should know in advance.

They Get Big

That cute little baby lizard in the pet store may someday grow to be six feet long … or even longer! It will get continuously harder for you to hold and handle your pet dinosaur. You’ll also need to give up a chunk of living space.

They Can Be Aggressive

Iguanas all have their own temperaments, but it’s important to realize that they can get pretty feisty, particularly when they are looking for a mate. This may not be a big issue with baby lizards, but large iguanas can cause serious injuries.

They’re Not Cuddly

Many people want animal companions to cuddle and snuggle with. If that’s something you’re looking for in a pet, an iguana may not be the best bet. Some iguanas will hang out with their humans, but some are rather aloof.

They Need Baths

Iguanas need to soak a few times a week. This is important for their health, hydration, and enrichment. You’ll need to supervise Iggy’s bath times a few times a week.

They Live A Long Time

Iguanas can live up to 20 years. Make sure you’re ready for that sort of commitment!

They’re Climbers

It may be tempting to let your reptilian pal go and play outdoors, but be cautious. These guys are great climbers. Iggy can easily zip up trees, which will leave you in a pickle of trying to get him down again!


Before adopting an iguana, it’s absolutely crucial that you do some research, and learn more about your new pet’s care needs. If you adopt a baby iguana, you can start him out in a small tank. However, Iggy will outgrow it pretty quickly.


Iguanas do have some specific needs. You’ll need to provide a good UVB light, as well as a suitable heat source. An und. Humidity and temperature gauges. As for substrate, you can use astroturf, reptile carpet, or newspaper. You may find it easiest to put in a vinyl or linoleum floor, and put the substrate over that. Avoid using substrates such as wood chips, sand, or gravel, or anything else Iggy could potentially ingest. 

As your Middletown, DE pet hospital, we’re dedicated to providing great care. Contact us anytime!

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