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Walk Your Dog Month

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! Did you know that January is Walk Your Dog Month? Technically, every month is Walk Your Dog Month, or should be: even pups with fenced yards need the exercise and stimulation those daily strolls provide. A Middletown, DE vet discusses walking Fido in this article.


For many of us, those daily strolls are a must, simply for sanitary reasons. However, walks are important for other reasons as well. For one thing, they’re pretty much a standard doggy workout. They also provide Fido with mental stimulation. Your canine companion can learn a lot by sniffing grass and plants! That’s important for keeping him entertained and preventing boredom. Plus, it gives you a way to spend quiet quality time with your furry bff.


You don’t need too much for taking Fido out, but you should have durable, high-quality gear. A good collar or harness is a must. A sturdy leash is also important. Retractable ones are very popular, but they can be dangerous in some situations. Be very cautious when using these near potential hazards, such as roads or riverbanks. As for yourself, make sure that you have good shoes with a proper tread. 


Want a few tricks? Snap a carabiner clip onto the end of your canine pal’s leash. This can be handy if you ever have to hook Fido up to something. (Note: never leave your pooch unattended.) You may also want to get a backpack, jacket, or waist pouch made just for walking dogs. These may have features like leash clips for hands-off walking, and pouches or holders for treats, waste baggies, water bottles, keys, and anything else you may need.


Always put safety first! When you and Fido are going down the side of a road, walk facing oncoming traffic, and with your pup on the outside of the road, so he doesn’t veer into active lanes. Don’t let your furry friend cross driveways or intersections ahead of you. It’s also important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. By all means, catch up on that podcast you wanted to hear. Just don’t turn headphones up too high: you need to be able to hear things like squealing brakes or growling dogs.

As your Middletown, DE pet hospital, we look forward to providing your beloved pet with excellent care in 2023 and beyond. Contact us anytime! 

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