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Purrfect reasons to adopt a senior cat

November 1, 2021

It’s Adopt A Senior Pet Month! There are many sweet, lovable older cats out there that are in need of loving homes. Many of them have a very difficult time getting adopted. It’s just too hard for them to compete with kittens. However, kitties in their golden years really do make wonderful pets. A Galena, MD vet goes over some key benefits of adopting a senior cat in this article.

No More Zoomies

Kittens are cute, but they are also tiny, adorable bundles of chaos. Fluffy can be quite a handful in that adorable toddler stage, and for a few years after. Senior cats have already gone through their frisky phase, and have burned off a lot of that zing. Your feline pal will spend the majority of her time napping. This makes caring for her pretty easy!

No Surprises

When you get a kitten, you can’t really know exactly what your feline buddy will look –or act—like as an adult. This isn’t an issue with older cats. What you see is exactly what you get!


Another great thing about older cats? Many of them are very patient and good with kids. If you have a toddler running around, Fluffy may not bat an eye if your youngster races by her. Of course, you will need to monitor interactions carefully.

Shorter Commitment

Many of our feline patients are living well into their teens and 20’s, so if you’re adopting a nine-year-old cat, you could still have a decade or even longer with Fluffy. That said, senior cats don’t have as much time as kittens. This can be a benefit for those who aren’t ready for such a long-term commitment.


With an older cat, you’ll be able to get some idea of Fluffy’s personality. This will help determine if she’s a good match for your household. If you have a canine pal, then it would be helpful to know if your new kitty has lived with dogs before.


Many older cats are very sweet and affectionate, and really just want naps and cuddles (and food, of course). Our furry friends are very appreciative of the love and care we give them. Fluffy may turn out to be the most loving pet you’ve ever had!

Do you have questions about senior cat care? Contact us, your Galena, MD animal clinic, today!

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