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How to Bond With Your Bunny

June 5, 2020

Have you recently adopted a rabbit? If so, you’re in for some adorable moments with your furry new friend. Rabbits are very cute and fun little pets! However, they can also be quite timid. It may take Floppy some time to get to know you and trust you. We can help! A Middletown, DE vet offers some advice on bonding with your bunny in this article.

Research Bunny Body Language

It’s important to know how to read Floppy, and recognize indications that she feels scared or uncomfortable. Whimpering, grunting, cowering, and tooth grinding are all red flags that bunnies are either nervous or not feeling well, as is exposing the third eyelid. You’ll also want to learn about positive signs. If your furry buddy is feeling happy or affectionate, she may head butt you, lick you, or flop down beside you. (There are also a few things, like snorting, that can go either way.)

Starting Out

Don’t reach in to try to grab your bunny, no matter how cute she looks. Open her cage, and let her come out when she’s ready. (Tip: you may just want to settle in on the floor with a book or tablet.) Floppy may be nervous, but sooner or later, her curiosity will get the better of her, and she’ll approach. When she does, hold out your hand and let her sniff it. Talk to her gently as you are doing this.


Treats can go a long way towards winning an animal’s trust. Carrots are a good option. You can also give your bunny small pieces of fruit, such as apple or banana, or a strawberry. Just be sure to stick with safe foods. Ask your vet for specific advice.


We know, bunnies are adorable. It’s hard to resist the urge to hug them. However, rabbits can get scared pretty quickly if they feel overpowered. Don’t force attention on Floppy. If she backs away from you, just let her go. You’ll also want to avoid making loud noises near your pet or moving too quickly. This will just make her scared of you. Remember, when it comes to winning an animal’s trust, patience is always key. With time, love, and good care, you’ll be getting binkies before you know it!

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