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Cute Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained

June 5, 2020

Kitties are very entertaining little pets. Fluffy is absolutely hilarious when she’s pouncing on a toy, or chasing after that little red dot. However, your frisky pet also needs entertainment herself. Cats get very bored and restless with nothing to do! Here, a Galena, MD vet lists some great ways to keep your cat entertained.


First and foremost, make sure that your feline pal always has plenty of fun toys. Cats all have their own tastes, so try different things and see what Fluffy likes best. Some cats like catnip mice, while others prefer balls. (Of course, some kitties just want to bat bottlecaps around, but that’s just purr for the course with these little furballs.)


We recommend keeping cats indoors, as they’re much safer inside. However, you can offer Fluffy the best of both worlds by setting out some cat-safe plants for her. Kitties love to nibble on green leaves and peek out at their owners through foliage. This is a great way for your furball to indulge her inner lioness! Check the ASPCA site here for a list of safe plants.

Window Seats

Birdwatching is a very popular activity among our feline friends. Offer Fluffy a comfy window seat, where she can combine three top kitty activities: napping, sunbathing, and spying on local wildlife. Just make sure your screens are secure.

Kitty TV

There are actually programs you can stream just for Fluffy. Give it a try! Your kitty may really enjoy watching shows about squirrels and birds. (Then again, she may also completely ignore it. You just never know with cats.)


Did you know that playing with your cat is one of the best things you can do for her? A fun session of Catch The Red Dot is not only great for your feline pal physically, it also benefits her mentally. When you control Fluffy’s ‘prey,’ you keep her guessing as to what’s going to happen next. That focus is a great way to keep your pet happy and entertained!


Cats are very curious. (Actually, they’re often flat-out nosy, but that’s another topic.) Give Fluffy things to investigate, such as paper bags, pet tents, and cardboard boxes. Move these things around regularly to keep things fresh and fun for her.

Our Advice on Cute Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained in 2024

What types of toys are best for keeping cats entertained?

Toys that mimic a cat’s natural hunting instincts are ideal for keeping them entertained. Interactive toys like feather wands, laser pointers, or toys attached to strings allow cats to pounce and chase, which satisfies their predatory nature. Catnip toys can also be effective, as catnip often induces playful behavior. Additionally, puzzle feeders or treat-dispensing toys engage a cat’s mind while providing a rewarding challenge. However, observing your cat’s preferences is essential, as individual cats may have different toy preferences. Regularly rotating and introducing new toys can help prevent boredom and entertain your feline friend.

Are there cat-safe plants that can provide entertainment for indoor cats?

Yes, there are cat-safe plants that can provide entertainment for indoor cats. Some examples include cat grass, catnip plants, and spider plants. These plants stimulate a cat’s curiosity with their leaves and offer a safe and enjoyable chewing experience for them. However, you must ensure that the plants you provide are non-toxic to cats, as some plants can be harmful if ingested. Constantly monitor your cat’s interactions with plants and ensure they don’t consume excessive amounts. Providing safe plant options can be a great way to enrich your indoor cat’s environment and keep them mentally stimulated.

How can I create a comfortable window seat for my cat’s birdwatching enjoyment?

Creating a comfortable window seat for your cat’s birdwatching enjoyment is easy and beneficial. Start by placing a soft, padded perch near a window with a good view of outdoor bird activity. Ensure it’s securely attached and can support your cat’s weight. Cats love to bask in the sun, so position the seat where sunlight enters without creating overheating. Consider installing a window screen for safety, preventing your cat from trying to catch the birds. Add some cozy bedding or a cushion to make it inviting. Your feline friend will have a perfect spot to relax, observe birds, and enjoy their favorite pastime.

Are there specific TV programs or streaming options designed for cats?

Yes, there are specific TV programs and streaming options designed for cats. These programs typically feature footage of birds, squirrels, or fish to engage and entertain your feline companion. You can find them on various streaming platforms, often labeled as “cat TV” or “cat entertainment.” Some are even available for free on video-sharing websites. Cats enjoy watching the movements of these animals, which can stimulate their natural hunting instincts and provide mental stimulation. It’s a convenient way to entertain your indoor cat, especially when you’re away from home, to play with them directly.

Why is interactive playtime important for a cat’s physical and mental well-being?

Interactive playtime is vital for a cat’s physical and mental well-being because it mimics their natural hunting instincts. Playing provides essential exercise, helping cats maintain a healthy weight and strong muscles. It also prevents boredom and the development of behavioral issues. Mentally, playtime stimulates their cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and focus. It’s a stress reliever, reducing anxiety and ensuring a happier disposition. Moreover, the bond between the cat and the owner is strengthened through interactive play, creating trust and companionship. In summary, playtime is a holistic approach to a cat’s overall health, promoting physical fitness and mental sharpness while enhancing the human-animal connection.

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