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Cute Ways To Celebrate Dogust

August 1, 2023

Today is Dogust: the Shelter Pup Birthday. If you adopted your canine pal from a shelter, you likely don’t know what his actual birthday is. This is the official day to celebrate! A local Middletown, DE vet suggests a few things you can do for Fido in this article.

Frozen Snacks

The Dog Days Of Summer are closing in on us. Cold treats are a welcome treat on sweltering days. Doggy ice cream is one option: you can find it in many stores and supermarkets. (You can also order it online, though it may melt before you get it.) Another option is to go the DIY route and make Fido some ice cream. Some ingredients you can use include natural peanut butter; bacon bits; apple slices; eggs; sodium-free broth; cooked, plain meat, fish, or chicken; plain yogurt; ripe bananas; pureed pumpkin; cheese; and, of course, dog biscuits. Ask your vet for more information.

Water Fun

If your furry buddy enjoys swimming, then by all means, indulge him. If not, you can get Fido’s cute tail going by picking up a kiddie pool for him to splash and play in. (Tip: don’t waste the water after: use it for plants.) You can also get your pup a sprinkler to splash and play in.

Cool Summer ‘Do

Summer heat can be brutal for Man’s Best Friend. It’s not really the best weather for wearing a fur coat! Ask your vet or groomer about giving Fido a cute cut. Just do some research first, as this isn’t a good option for all pups. For dogs with double coats, cuts can actually damage their fur.

Comfy Bed

Ever wonder why hammocks are so popular on tropical islands? They allow air to move under them, which helps them stay cooler. A raised bed is a great choice for Fido in summer. You can also get him a cooling pad to put in his doggy bed.

Store Fun

Fido is always cute, but he’s never more adorable than when he’s picking out a new toy at a store. If your furry friend is polite and well-behaved, take him to a pet store and let him choose a new plaything. After, take him to a dog-friendly park or café for a special meal.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. As your Middletown, DE pet hospital, we’re always here for you!

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