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Reasons To Celebrate World Snake Day

July 15, 2023

World Snake Day is tomorrow, July 16th. We know, snakes aren’t the most popular animal companion around. In fact, snakes have suffered quite a lot from myths, misconceptions, and flat out bad PR, which goes all the way back to the Bible! As it turns out, our scaled friends really should be celebrated. A local Galena, MD vet lists a few reasons why in this article.

They’re Shy

Most snakes are very timid. In fact, given the options of fight or flight, the majority of them would rather run (or slither) away. 

State Snakes

We share the beautiful state of Maryland with 27 types of snakes. Only two of them are poisonous enough to pose a risk: the timber rattlesnake and copperhead. Both prefer to be left alone, though the copperhead will bite if they feel threatened.

They Eat Rodents

Whether you love them or hate them, snakes fill an important role in our natural ecosystem. They devour mice, rats, and vermin. This is likely why they’re considered lucky in some places!


Snakes appear in myths and folk tales from all over the globe … albeit with mixed reviews. Although they are often depicted as evil, that isn’t always the case.  In Hinduism, they are not considered harmful, but are more representative of eternity and the duality of life and death. To the Hopi, they are symbols of healing and transformation.

They’re Easy Keepers

There are some benefits to choosing a snake for a pet. They’re very quiet, so you won’t need to worry about complaints from annoyed neighbors. Snakes don’t even eat every day, so your day-to-day chores would often only consist of spot cleaning, refreshing water, and checking conditions. Plus, snake habitats can be very attractive. Last but not least? You won’t have to deal with messes or smells, and you’ll never come home to find that your pet ate your shoes or scratched up your favorite chair.

They’re Actually Very Pretty

Granted, some of you may not quite agree with this one. However, snakes can sport a variety of gorgeous colors and patterns. The Rainbow snake, for instance, has an almost iridescent coat, while the Tiger Keelback wears striking black and red. Pet snake breeders have also developed lines with beautiful markings and hues. 

Do you have questions about snake care? Please contact us, your Galena, MD pet clinic, anytime!  

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