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Fun Facts About Frogs

November 1, 2023

Did you know that there are over 5000 types of frogs? Some estimates put the number closer to 7500. No matter what the exact figure is … that’s a lot of frogs! Frogs don’t rank very high on the list of most popular pets, and they probably never will. However, these guys can make pretty cute animal companions. They’re also really interesting! A Middletown, DE vet lists some fun facts about frogs in this article.


Frogs vary widely as far as size goes. The largest, the appropriately-named Goliath frog, which can weigh as much as seven pounds … an average size for a newborn baby! On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Cuban Tree Toad, which is only about a half inch long!

Freezing Froggies

Have you ever wondered what frogs do in winter? Some literally freeze. Wood frogs are able to freeze nearly 70 percent of their bodies every winter. They produce a type of antifreeze, through glycogen and urea, that protects their cells and organs until spring.

Fascinating Physiology

Kermit’s freezer setting isn’t the only wild thing about his physiology. Glass frogs are able to make their skin transparent. They do this by hiding their red blood cells in their livers. Oh, and they use their eyeballs to push food down their throats.

Hoppin History

Frogs have been hopping around since the age of the dinosaurs: about 200 million years, give or take. They’re also thought to have been the first animal to develop vocal cords. Another interesting thing about frog vocalizations? Some of these guys are so loud they can be heard a mile away!

Color Coordination

Some frogs have donned outfits that allow them to blend into their environments. Others, such as the Bumblebee frog, are quite vibrant, and stand out. Some of the brightly colored frogs are poisonous. Others just copied their outfits to appear poisonous. The Fort Randolph robber frog is a good example of that.


Frogs can be found all over the world, and can survive in nearly any climate. The wood frog can be found north of the Arctic Circle, while the Australian water-holding frog lives in the desert. There’s also a very special frog, the Kihansi Spray Toad, which is extinct in the wild and can only be found in a few places, such as The Bronx Zoo, as conservation efforts continue.

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