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Halloween With Pocket Pets

October 15, 2023

Do you have a smaller pet, like a bunny, gerbil, Guinea pig, mouse, or hamster? These little guys are more popular than many people realize. For instance, rabbits are America’s third most popular pet overall, but Guinea pigs take that number three spot in many states. While you may not have as many seasonal concerns with these cute furballs as you would with dogs or cats, there are some things to be aware of. A local Middletown, DE vet lists some of them in this article.


Who says smaller animals can’t get in on some seasonal fun? You can add some cute decorations to your little buddy’s cage, as long as they’re safe. A ceramic pumpkin may make a cute gerbil hide! You can position items like lights, garlands, backdrops, or other decorations outside your furry friend’s cage, as long as they can’t reach them. You can also add seasonally-themed hides and bedding. Just don’t put any potentially dangerous-items inside the cage. That includes small or sharp objects, and anything with strings or cords, and products covered in decorative substances, such as glitter or dye.


Little animals enjoy special treats just as much as their larger counterparts. Many fall favorites are safe for these guys. Apple slices, for example, are fine to give a bunny on occasion, while pumpkin seeds can make a great snack for a hamster. Always research new foods before giving them to your furry buddy, though. Your vet can give you specific information on what is and isn’t safe. Remember, if in doubt, leave it out!


Smaller animals take some really cute photos. Your hamster may look adorable in a witch hat, while your bunny may be particularly cute sitting on a pumpkin. Put your furry pal’s comfort and safety first. Avoid anything tight, hot, or constricting. Never leave pets unsupervised with props or costumes on. Many pocket pets will instinctively chew on anything and everything within reach of those tiny paws. This can be very dangerous!


It’s starting to get quite chilly now. Smaller pets are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than many people realize. Make sure your pint-sized pal’s cage isn’t in a chilly or drafty area. You may also want to add extra bedding for them to snuggle up in. Bunnies and Guinea pigs may also appreciate beds or cozies.

Happy Halloween! As your Middletown, DE pet hospital, we are dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Please contact us, your Cornelius, NC animal clinic, anytime!

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