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Keeping Fluffy Out Of The Tree

December 15, 2021

Happy Holidays! We know that many of you have favorite dishes and traditions you look forward to at this time of year. As it turns out, our feline pals also have a few seasonal rituals. First on Fluffy’s list? Wreaking havoc on your Christmas tree. Here, a Galena, MD veterinarian offers a few tips that might keep your kitty and your tree safe.

Decorate Sparsely

Hanging a bunch of shiny things that look like cat toys on the lower branches is pretty much asking for trouble. You want to put just a few objects within paws’ reach. These should be dull, unbreakable items. Keep most of the ornaments, as well as the lights, tinsel, and ribbons, on the top two-thirds of the tree.

Don’t Give Fluffy Easy Access

Choosing the right spot for the tree will also help. Try to put it in a corner, so your furball can’t approach from all sides. Avoid putting it next to a desk or sofa, or anything else Fluffy can use to get into the tree. If your kitty is super frisky, you may want to put a puppy gate around it.

Tire Fluffy Out

Wear your playful pet out with a fun game of Catch The Red Dot. After a good kitty workout, Fluffy may be more interested in napping under the tree than trying to climb it.

Choose A Fake Tree

Artificial trees are pretty difficult for kitties to climb. Fluffy can’t really get a good grip on metal or plastic! You’ll also save money in the long run!

Add Extra Support

Make sure that your tree has a sturdy base. You may need to reinforce it. You can use fishing wire to secure the tree top to the wall or ceiling.

Behavioral Deterrents

Another option is to make Fluffy become wary of the tree. When she approaches it, make a loud noise. Rattle a jar of change, or make an alarm sound on your phone. This won’t hurt her, but it may startle her enough to make her think twice. You can also try using aluminum foil as a tree skirt.


Does Fluffy have a cat tower? This may be your best weapon! Sprinkle catnip around it, and put some fun toys on it.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Galena Animal Medical Clinic, your Galena, MD animal clinic. We’re here for you!

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