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Hilarious Things Your Dog Will Do This Year

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! Are you starting out the year with a canine companion at your side? If so, it’s safe to say that Fido will put lots of smiles on your face in the coming 12 months. Dogs are very loyal and loving, but they’re also lots of fun. In this article, a Middletown, DE veterinarian lists some of the things your furry, four-legged comedian will do this year.


We really can’t condone begging. It is bad manners, after all. Plus, there’s also a chance that Fido could ‘score’ something that isn’t safe for him. That said, we do have to admit that our canine buddies are pretty adorable when they’re angling for a treat. If you really can’t resist that soulful stare, at least stick with healthy options.

Tippy Taps

There’s no official definition of tippy taps, but we’ve all seen them. A tippy tap is that super cute happy dance dogs do with their front paws when they’re excited or hopeful that they’re about to get a walk, a treat, or something else they like.

Happy Dance

Going beyond the tippy tap, we have the full out happy dance. Many of our four-legged pals like to do this when their owners get home. One of the best things about having a dog is knowing that there will always be someone who is very, very happy to see you.

Look Innocent

We know, many of our canine patients are very good boys. However, we also know quite a few dogs that love getting into mischief. Fido is pretty good at putting on a poker face when he knows he’s done something wrong. (Tip: always use positive reinforcement, rather than punishment, to address behavioral issues.)

Get Excited

While some dogs are more animated than others, most pooches do get excited when they spot something they really want or like, such as a toy or a yummy treat. It’s hard not to laugh when seeing your furry buddy literally jumping for joy!


Fido is never cuter than when he is happily running after a ball or ‘attacking’ a plushie squirrel. Keep your pup’s toy box full, and take time to play with him daily.

All of us at Galena Animal Medical Clinic, your Middletown, DE animal hospital, want to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Call us anytime!

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